The number of ingredients in a Manhattan: Whiskey, Vermouth, Bitters, Ice, and a Cherry.

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It’s a common industry term to say that someone is “just a pair of hands” if they’ve been hired to simply follow orders, but we understand that hands can do a lot more. We like to build relationships with Clients who share this belief. Collectively, we can tackle anything, but here’s where our hands are most effective.

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How we built a

Better Mousetrap

Start with the right parts. We’ve cherry-picked our team from past co-workers, bringing together proven talent we’ve experienced first-hand, assembling a team that is effective, creative, passionate and personable. We’ve all experienced the front lines on large and small projects for large and small brands. Together we form a focused, extremely capable mouse killing machine (Sorry P.E.T.A.).

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    Executive Director

    Devin Silberfein
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    Creative Director

    Phil Konya
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    Project Director

    Jessica Reed
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    User Experience Director

    Jim Duong

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